Letter from the Director of Undergraduate Studies

Director of Undergraduate Studies, David Gabriel, sitting behind a desk

The Comparative Literature Major

Spring 2022

Dear Comparative Literature Majors

Welcome back! I hope your winter break was restorative and that in spite of our extraordinary circumstances you will settle on campus again with no problems. Please feel free to email me at moira.fradinger@yale.edu to set up a virtual meeting during the next few days if you have an urgent problem to solve, or an in –person meeting after February 7th when we return to “normal.” I will be using Calendly for office hours, see the link under my email signature. You can always email me with a clear heading and an indication of worrying deadlines, if any. You can also contact our registrar katherine.hultgren@yale.edu until February 11th.

If you feel in need to contact any member of the Comparative Literature department, please go to their information on the web and see what their virtual office hours are. The default method of contact is to email faculty directly.

In this letter you’ll find some information about the classes being offered this Spring, as well as a few reminders about requirements for the Major.

If you’re a senior, I ask that you keep in mind all deadlines relevant to the senior essay listed on our website. Lindsay Stern, the Senior Essay Coordinator, will provide you with the necessary information, for all matters concerning senior essays please contact Lindsay directly (lindsay.stern@yale.edu).

One of our two pre-requisites for the major will be offered this semester:

  • LITR 140 “How to Compare”

We do recommend that majors and potential majors take care of their requirements as early as possible.

Let me remind you that all majors are required to take one class during their course of study that devotes significant time to theoretical or methodological matters. Some examples of courses being taught this Spring that will satisfy this requirement are: LITR 404 Nature Poetry, from the Classics to Climate Change (Kramnick); LITR 481 Alienation, Reconciliation from Hegel to the Ecological Rift (Campe); LITR 357 Media of Migration (Gindner); LITR 467 Blood: Science Culture and Society; LITR 345 Climate Change and the Humanities (Lindskog); LITR 477 Fictions of Canada: Colonialism, Nationalism, Postcolonialism (Trumpener). For those looking for courses to fulfill period requirements, for Medieval Literature consider: LITR 180 Women in the Middle Ages (Tylus).

I’m happy to discuss any questions you may have about whether a given course might satisfy requirements, including a course you may have taken in the past (please bring along a syllabus from the course; I cannot have the hundreds of courses at Yale in my mindJ ).

Let me also remind you that any literature class, in any department, is potentially eligible for general credit in the Comparative Literature Major, whether or not it carries an LITR number. To discuss if a particular class qualifies, please contact me.

Finally, I will note that in December 2021, Professor David Quint retired, as well as our beloved Mary Jane Stevens, our undergraduate registrar for decades. Also note that Professors Hodgkin, Hagglund and Hever will be on leave this term.

I look forward to meeting with all of you soon.

With best wishes for the new term,

Moira Fradinger

Director of Undergraduate Studies

The Comparative Literature Major