For over 50 years, Yale’s Comparative Literature department has been one of the preeminent sites, worldwide, for the comparative practice of literary history and analysis, and for the promulgation of literary theory. From its founding as a unique program for wide-ranging, cross-cultural, philologically and theoretically engaged studies of language and literature, the department has been committed to a broad geographic and intellectual scope, both in its graduate curriculum as well as its vibrant undergraduate course of study known as “The Literature Major.” Located at the heart of Yale’s campus, we are a center for multidisciplinary scholarship in over twenty languages, connecting our students and faculty to variety of departments, institutes, and working groups within Yale and beyond.

Department News

April 5, 2018
Read about the Martin Hägglund project
March 7, 2018
For many of us, self-reflection marks the turn of the new year, namely in the form of resolution-making. But few of us ever stop to consider, “What exactly is the ‘self’ I am trying to improve?” A new Yale humanities course, “Selfhood, Race, Class, and Gender” — or simply, the Self Class — is committed to answering the question: What is the “self” anyway? Marta Figlerowicz, professor of comparative literature and English, and Ayesha Ramachandran, professor of comparative literature, are co-...
March 7, 2018
Announcing the existence of a new magazine of literature and criticism, Mitos Magazín. It contains short stories, essays, poetry, criticism, etc. The magazine is focused on the Americas and committed to publishing work in all of the languages of the Americas. It owes its existence primarily to three students in the department: Vanessa Gubbins, Maru Pabón and Camila Vélez. It was partly sponsored by the Yale Program in Ethnicity, Race and Migration. Please have a look at the website, www....