Literature and Comparative Cultures Concentration

Prospective majors electing the Literature and Comparative Cultures concentration must take two required foundational seminars; LITR 130 and one of LITR 140143, or 348. Beyond the two required courses and the senior essay, the concentration requires three courses in a foreign literature (see below), three courses that fulfill the period requirement, two elective courses, and one theory course. Period courses, elective courses, and the theory course may be taken in any literature department and may include two courses in a related discipline that has direct bearing on the student’s program of study in literature, such as history of art, philosophy, anthropology, music, or theater studies. One of the elective courses may be in creative writing or Directed Studies.  

Foreign literature requirement Majors are required to take at least three literature courses in one foreign language. One of these courses may award the language distributional requirement (L5) in an ancient or modern foreign literature, in which the literature is read in the original language. In some cases, the L5 course with which students entered the major can be counted as one of the three foreign literature courses. Two courses can be taken at a basic literature level (normally equivalent to the third year of language study), but at least one course must be taken at an advanced level (normally equivalent to the fourth year of language study or higher).

You may download a checklist with the concentrations requirements here.