PhD Requirements – Comparative Literature

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PhD Requirements (and dates completed). The same course(s) may count toward more than one requirement.

I. Total of 14 required (graduate level) courses:

Specify date completed Proseminar

2. Six further courses in Comparative Literature (number/title/instructor/semester):

Honors. Including two semester-courses (excluding directed readings) with the grade of “Honors”

Theory. Including at least three courses on literary theory or method:


At least one course on poetry.
Narrative fiction.

Period. At least one course each in

Students should take a wide range of courses with a focus on one or two national or language-based literatures.

II Languages besides English. At least two at high proficiency; at least reading ability in a third. At least one language must be ancient/medieval, OR an indigenous/aboriginal language, OR a total of three languages from different language families.


IV. Oral Examination fields:

Please remember that fields should cover at least three languages/literatures, be broad in period, genre, range of methods/critical problems, including poetry, fiction, drama (and often film).


V. Dissertation advisor

VI. Submission of dissertation to department (date)


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