Graduates of The Comparative Literature Major 2021

June 4, 2021

The 2020/21 Academic Year was challenging. We did not have Spring Break, we missed being close to each other, and had to meet in little boxes on Zoom. But in spite of it all, our students continued to show up for classes even while dispersed in time zones across the world, still read and engaged and thought and wrote. Their passion for literary study energized faculty who chafed behind computer screens. It is therefore with especial delight that we want to celebrate our graduating seniors and prize winners this year. It is no mean achievement to complete a senior essay even in the best of times: to have done so while hunkered down without access to friends deserves particular commendation.


                           OF 2021!!!

Sarah Baskin

Griffin Berlin-Richard Maxwell Translation Prize-Honorable Mention

Darcy Chanin-Alvin B. Kernan Prize

Formosa Deppman-Biancamaria Finzi-Contini Calabresi Prize

Finley Doyle

Hasna Karim

Sara Luzuriaga

Bryan Mendoza

    Juliette Neil-Richard Maxwell Translation Prize

Jacob Neis

Roba Sabawi

Tricia Viveros-Richard Maxwell Translation Prize