April 2023 News

April 20, 2023
Professor Robyn Creswell’s English translation of Iman Mersal’s The Threshold is a finalist for the Griffin Poetry Prize. The Threshold was published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux in October and has received many enthusiastic reviews. From the Judges citation: “The Threshold by Iman Mersal is a powerful collection of poetry that dissects the fluid architecture of identity, hidden memory, and language.”
April 14, 2023
The Richard Maxwell Prize for Translation and Translation Studies    A $500 prize, open to any undergraduate student in Yale College, shall be awarded annually to the best Literary Translation or to the best essay in Translation Studies.  “Literary Translation” encompasses all genres, so long as the chosen work is deemed substantial, while “Translation Studies” is understood to include theoretical and historical questions involving language, culture, and medium. Submissions that combine actual...
April 10, 2023
“Saint who?” I asked. “Eh-meh-ren-tsya,” Olga Tokarczuk repeated. Saint Anne’s mother. I was nonplussed. The mother of the mother of the Virgin Mary? Tokarczuk blew out cigarette smoke at high speed, then inhaled with excitement and impatience. I needed a lesson.
April 10, 2023
Recently, Marta Figlerowicz interviewed Olga Tokarczuk, a young Nobel Prize winner for the Spring 2023 edition of the Paris Review. Ms. Tokarczuk received this prestigious award four years ago for “a narrative imagination that with encyclopedic passion represents the crossing of boundaries as a form of life.”
April 6, 2023
“How does lyric poetry move through the world? What place does it have in our cultural, social, political worlds? And why do lyrics—whether understood as literary masterpieces or the words to our favorite songs—continue to touch us in both ‘body and soul’?”