Moira Weigel Named to Harvard Society of Fellows

December 22, 2016
Moira Weigel, graduate student in Comparative Literature and Film and Media, was named to the Harvard Society of Fellows in December. Weigel’s fellowship with the Harvard Society of Fellows will allow her to revise her dissertation into a book and begin a third book project as well as writing essays and occasional criticism.
Her dissertation, entitled Animating Modernism: Cinema, Animals, and the Prehistories of Posthumanism, explores modernism’s twin fascinations with nonhuman animals and moving images.
Her third book is a study of transnational encounters in feminist theory of the 1960s to the 1980s, focused on evolving ideas about work. By work, she primarily means work in the sense of “labor,” but also explores how new ideas about “labor” lead to reconceptualizations of the “work” of art and of the nature of “the work” in therapy and psychoanalysis.
The Harvard Society of Fellows is a competitive fellowship that supports a small number of scholars in an early stage of their careers for three years of study in any department of the university.