Letter from the DGS

Fall 2017

Dear Graduate Students, 

I hope everyone has finally settled into courses and recovered from shopping period. As we turn to our work in earnest, I write to touch base and to remind you of a few details about the department’s facilities at 451 College and in Bingham Hall (Old Campus, Phelps Gate), where our Comparative Literature Library is located.

Please remember that we share 451 College Street with the Religious Studies Department.  Access to 451 College is 24/7.  Your ID card is set up to allow you access.   I encourage you to make use of the TA meeting room (B-03); this space is intended for your use, to meet with your students, especially since we are unable to provide you with offices.  You can use it to study; there are two computers there.  In case of problems with computers/printers please contact cluster.support @yale.edu.  Also, there is storage space available in B-03.

The fourth floor lounge is also available and has a fridge and coffee machine. Please provide your own coffee cup.  We share a water cooler in room 101 with Religious Studies; feel free to get cold/hot water from there.

Stacey’s office, room 202, is open Monday through Friday, 9-5; your mailboxes are there, and there’s a bulletin board inside (Comparative Literature-specific information) and outside the room (general notices of interest).  Please consult Stacey with questions about your academic program, also, my office hours are posted you can sign up for an appointment here.

The main Comp Lit office (where Mary Jane Stevens works) is room 102.  Consult Mary Jane for information about teaching fellowship appointments, reimbursement for conference travel, and building access. Access to the 8th floor Bingham Hall library is 24/7.  You can get a key for the elevator and the library door from Mary Jane and your ID should give you automatic access at Entry C.  There is a computer in the library, and it is a wonderful space.  You should also use cluster support for problems here.  The department office (102) will supply you with paper for the printer.  Please make sure you always lock up when you leave the library.

The Graduate Student Liaison committee, made up of faculty and graduate students, meets roughly four times a year to discuss issues of concern to students. We will hold our first meeting on 29 September at 4:00pm in the Lounge in 451 College St: all students are welcome to attend and I urge you to participate. We are also looking for two volunteers to help Mary Jane with setting up receptions/talks—if you are able to volunteer to coordinate this, please let me know.

Please also be alert to other departmental events: the Open Forum series will begin in September and its new organizers will soon be contacting you to solicit papers. This is a wonderful way to present preliminary work-in-progress and get feedback in an informal but rigorous setting, and I encourage you to take the opportunity. Similarly, the annual graduate student conference will take place in February, and participation will benefit both you and your peers. The schedule for department lectures (including the Baldwin-Dahl) will be posted in the weeks to come and we hope to see many of you at these events. We also be introducing regular faculty-graduate student lunches on Tuesdays at 12:30, so please hold that time and stay tuned for an email from Martin. As I had informed you a few weeks ago, we will be holding a preliminary workshop regarding Title IX issues and procedures as part of our initiative to improve mentoring and department climate. We strongly urge you to attend! The workshop will take place on 25 September from 4-6pm, location TBD. Please mark your calendars.

A final note about your academic records and paperwork. Please plan to see Stacey Hampton during the first two weeks of the term and update your records. You must fill in the program worksheet and file it with Stacey by 30 September. Not doing so may result in delays and problems with your advancement in the program and it’s a good idea to avoid last minute problems and crises. If you have any questions about your standing, your progress or your future plans, please do not hesitate to meet with me in these early weeks.

I look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks and wish you the best for a productive and energizing semester!

Ayesha Ramachandran

Director of Graduate Studies