Letter from the Director of Undergraduate Studies

The Literature and Comparative Cultures Major

451 College St., #102

January 2020

Dear Literature Majors,

Welcome back to campus and Happy New Year! I hope your break was relaxing and restorative. In this letter you’ll find some information about the classes being offered this spring, as well as a few reminders about requirements for the Major.

As at the beginning of every term, you’ll need to have your schedule signed by a faculty member, and it would be a good idea if I were to do this, so that we can also discuss your progress. I’ll have long office hours over the next couple of weeks, with plenty of spaces available. Please make an appointment by calling Mary Jane Stevens (2-4750) or stopping by the Comparative Literature office.

If you’re a senior, I ask that you to keep in mind all deadlines relevant to the senior essay (attached). Lindsay Stern, the Senior Essay Coordinator, will provide her office hours at a later date.

One of our two required courses for the major will both be offered this semester:

  • LITR 140 “How to Compare” with Prof. Sam Hodgkin

Please note that LITR 143, “World Cinema” will not be offered this spring.

We do recommend that majors and potential majors take care of their requirements as early as possible.

Let me remind you that all majors are required to take one class during their course of study that devotes significant time to theoretical or methodological matters. Some examples of courses being taught this spring that will satisfy this requirement are: “Postcolonial Theory and Literature” (LITR 250); “Critical Theories of Science and Religion” (HUMS 463); “Black Queer Performance Studies” (AFAM 361); “The Canon in the Colony” (ENGL 290); “Modernity and the Crisis of Value” (HUMS 288); “Radical Classics” (PLSC 333). I’m happy to discuss any questions you may have about whether a given course might satisfy the theory requirement, including a course you may have taken in the past (it’s always helpful to bring along a syllabus from the course).

Let me also remind you that that any literature class, in any department, is potentially eligible for general credit in the Literature Major, whether or not it carries an LITR number. To discuss if a particular class qualifies, please contact me, or stop by my office.

Finally, I will note that Professors Creswell, Figlerowicz, and Fradinger will be on leave this term.

I look forward to meeting with all of you soon.

With best wishes for the new term,

Ayesha Ramachandran

Director of Undergraduate Studies

The Literature Major