Prerequisites and Required Courses


Required Courses

LITR 130, How to Read, and LIT140, How to Compare, are required courses for the Literature and Comparative Cultures major, as well as the Comparative Literature major. These courses are junior seminars, offered in the fall and spring terms respectively (students may take either course in their sophomore or senior years). LITR143 and LIT348 may be substituted for LIT140. Film Track students must complete LITR 143; Translation Track students must complete LITR 348.

Students in both majors must also take one course that includes a significant component of literary or cultural theory. Please contact the DUS to discuss what courses may be counted toward this requirement.

Period Requirement

Because both genres and individual works of literature refer to, emulate, challenge, and even rewrite older works and generic conventions, students benefit from acquiring a degree of historical perspective. The Literature and Comparative Cultures major and the Comparative Literature major require that all students take one course in three of five historical periods: Antiquity, Medieval, Renaissance, 17th-18th Centuries, and the Modern. These courses may be drawn from any department in the University, but must be centered on the study of literature or film.