Prerequisites and Required Courses


LITR 120a, Introduction to the Study of Narrative, is the prerequisite to the major.  Students are required to take this course in either their freshman or sophomore year. Also, choose one of the following:  LITR 122/LITR 143/LITR 168/LITR 169/LITR 348 (If you do the Film Track you must complete LITR 143.  If you do the Translation Track you must complete LITR 348).  Two additional semesters of ENGL 115, 125, 127, or 129, DRST 001, or THST 110 and 111, may also be counted as electives toward the major but may not replace the Literature Major prerequisites.

Required Courses

Students majoring in Literature must take LITR 300b, Introduction to the Theory of Literature. It may be taken in the sophomore or junior year.

Pre-1800 course requirement

The Literature Major requires that all students take at least one course in literature before 1800. Because both genres and individual works of literature refer to, emulate, challenge, and even rewrite older works and generic conventions, students benefit from acquiring a degree of historical perspective. All courses listed under “The Ancient World” and “Medieval and Early Modern Literature to 1800” fulfill the pre-1800 requirement.

Poetry or Drama Requirement

In addition to the pre-1800 requirement, the Literature Major requires that all students take at least one course in poetry or drama (along with  LITR 122 or a substitute).  

Courses taken in fulfillment of the Pre-1800 and Poetry or Drama requirements may be taken in any department of the university; they need not have a Literature number.