Sydney Mitsunaga-Whitten

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5th Year Student


Sydney Mitsunaga-Whitten entered the program in Comparative Literature at Yale in 2013. She has since served as the chair of the Graduate Student Liaison Committee, and co-organized the most recent graduate student conference, “Singing the World: Song in/as Literature”. She has presented papers on ancient ekphrasis, Joyce’s Ulysses, and on the relation between ontology and aesthetics. She is currently at work on an essay on Pindaric victory ode and the poetry of Wordsworth and Keats, and a prospectus that focuses on modern Irish literature and community, tentatively entitled “The World at Play: Mondializing Irish Literature.”

Research Interest

Modern Irish Literature; classics; phenomenology; epic; genre theory; community

Education History

B.A., Occidental College, 2011