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I am a PhD candidate in the combined program in Comparative Literature and Film and Media. I previously earned a BA at Harvard and an M. Phil at Cambridge University, where I was the Harvard Scholar in residence at Emmanuel College, and worked as an assistant editor at Harper’s Magazine. My academic interests revolve around the intersections of film, literature, and philosophy during the long twentieth century.

My dissertation investigates the themes of animacy and nonhuman life in early film and media theory. I focus on the decades before the discipline of film studies began to establish itself in dedicated journals and academic institutions and before philosophers and computer scientists began to articulate the founding principles of what we now call “posthumanism.” I examine on a wide range of discourses that have informed previous work in human and human animal studies, and attend to explorations of animal consciousness by modernist literary writers in several languages. However, I claim that media theory offers a particularly productive framework from which to consider “the question of the animal.” Drawing on Miriam Hansen’s concept of “vernacular modernism,” I propose that the cinema became a key “sensory reflexive horizon” in which dreams and anxieties about the mass disappearance of “the life of nature” were negotiated.

I also study the history of feminism, gender and sexuality. I am particularly passionate about the work of socialist feminists, including Sylvia Federici, Angela Davis and bell hooks. My first book, a “secret history” of dating, examines the overlapping histories of courtship and evolving forms of gendered “emotional” or “affective labor” from the 1890s until the present.

Finally, I have a longstanding interest in the history of translation. I have published several translations from German and Chinese into English. 


“The Life of Nature in an Age of Celluloid: Animal Media Theory 1889–1951”

Research Interests

Modernism and modernity; continental philosophy; film and media theory; feminism, gender, and sexuality; translation; world literature; world cinema; modern China and “sinographies”

Education History

B.A. English and American & German Languages and Literatures, Harvard, 2007 (summa cum laude)
M.Phil Modern and Medieval Languages, Cambridge, 2008

Publication Highlights


Labor of Love: The Invention of Dating, Farrar Strauss & Giroux (2016)

Peer Reviewed Articles

“Provincializing the Road Movie: Realism, ‘Epic,’ and Mobility in Ritwik Ghatak’s Ajantrik (1957),” in The Global Road Movie Ed. Tim Corigan and José Duarte. Bristol: Intellect Books (forthcoming 2017).

Hamletkrisen: Kleist, Shakespeare, and Media Theory circa 1800” forthcoming in The Germanic Review (January 2017).

“‘Brutish Empire’: Joyce’s Herd Animals, Animate Media, and the End of Man” under consideration

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Selected Essays and Reviews

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            *received Honorable Mention in Best American Essays 2015

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