Leana Hirschfeld-Kroen

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4th Year Student


Leana Hirschfeld-Kroen is a second-year PhD student in Comparative Literature and Film and Media Studies at Yale University. She received an A.B. in Comparative Literature from Princeton University in 2013, with certificates in Visual Arts and European Cultural Studies. After graduating from Princeton, Leana spent a year in Berlin on a DAAD research fellowship, exploring the fictional lives of media-machines, and the past summer interning at the Museum of the Moving Image in the Film Programming department. She currently works as a curator for the Yale Film Colloquium and a Film archive assistant to Brian Meacham in the Yale Film Archive. 

Academic Interests

Eccentrics and Machines; Classical Hollywood history; the semiotics of tap dancing in early sound film; urban phantasmagorias; modern cosmological imaginaries (science fiction serials, early planetaria, the Wissenschaftstheater, Edisonades); postwar French slapstick cinema (Tati, Etaix); Hysterical decaying aristocrats in British cinema; restless women; sound studies; celebrity studies; deaf studies; and media archaeology.

Education History

A.B. Comparative Literature, Princeton University