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After graduating from Elon University in 2012 and studying briefly with Fredric Jameson at Duke, Jensen Suther earned a Fulbright grant to spend a year in Frankfurt, Germany, conducting research on Marxist thinker Theodor Adorno. While living abroad, Jensen joined the Frankfurt chapter of the Platypus Affiliated Society, an international Marxist political project dedicated to understanding the history of emancipatory politics and to hosting the conversation on the Left today. In his work, Jensen seeks to grasp literary works as forms of social knowledge whose decryption requires sensitivity to their rhetorical and formal specificity, deployment of concepts drawn from critical theory, and attention to the historical and political world in which such works are embedded. His dissertation will take up the opposed ways in which Adorno and Heidegger inherit the post-Kantian problem of freedom, and will interpret the novels of Samuel Beckett, Thomas Mann, and others as exemplifications of the dialectic of freedom and decay that has in many ways defined modernism.

He has published a translation of Theodor Adorno’s late essay “Kierkegaard Once More” in the March issue of Telos. Preceding the translation is an introductory essay in which Jensen attempts to come to grips with the relationship between Adorno’s Marxism and his critique of Kierkegaard. With the publication of this essay, all of Adorno’s writings on the nineteenth-century Danish philosopher are now available in English.

Education History

B.A. English Literature, Elon University


“Spirit Disfigured: The Persistence of Freedom in Modernist Literature and Philosophy”

Research Interests

Philosophy; Marxism; Modernism; Romantic Poetry

Publication Highlights

“Kierkegaard once more” in Telos 2016

“On becoming things: An Interview with Axel Honneth” in the Platypus Review